The Institute for European Studies

IES Proceedings No.1

November 2002

To Readers

I Social and economic impact of EU accession and social convergence

Jana Sereghyova. Benefits of the east-enlargement of the European Union seen in the context of the globalization of the world economy

Milan Sikula. Economic and Social Contexts of Slovakia's Accession to the EU

Liviu Voinea. Escaping Periphery through Trade: a Tale about Romania's Convergence to the EU

Oldrich Mesaros. Progress in economic catching-up with attention on trade and competitiveness

Kaarel Kilvits. Convergence of small open industry in Estonia

Borut Roncevic. The Path from (Semi)Periphery to the Core: the Role of Socio-Cultural Factors

Jiri Chlumsky. Problems of Economic Convergence between the Czech Republic and the EU

II Preparation of the candidate countries to the referendum: focusing on national and group level

Vladas Gaidys. Attitudes towards EU in Lithuania: 1997-2002

Liene Jeruma. Readiness of Latvian Society for EU-Accession: 1995-2002

Aksel Kirch, Toivo Palm, Kait Oole. Changes in EU-consciousness in Estonia in 1995-2002: discussion and public opinion

Agata Grabowska, Pawel Ladykowski. The Change of Cashubian Identity before Entering the EU

III Institutional Reforms of the EU Eastern Enlargement

Ülo Ennuste, Teet Rajasalu. Critical Probability of the EU Eastern Enlargement Project's Institutional Failure: Aspects of Calibrated Economic Impacts of the Failure.

Ivar Raig. Impact of EU Accession to Estonia's Development and the necessity to continue studies on the consequences of enlargement of EU